Why the name?: This website born in 2000 for the 17th. LatinAmerican Championship for Lawyers. Its goal was to inform about that tournament but then we decided to continue with others soccers activities, first for lawyers and then with more pieces of news, information, etc.




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9/1/2003: Media: Soccer TV: guide to soccer on TV

9/1/2003: Media: Women Soccer: the magazine for world wide coverage of women soccer

9/1/2003: Say Soccer: especializing in recreational soccer.

9/1/2003: Soccer Times: News, results, polls, and more

9/1/2003: USA CUP: tournaments

9/1/2003: U.S. Soccer History Archives: historical information and records...

9/1/2003: U.S. Soccer Federation: Official site

9/1/2003: Southern Soccer Scene: soccer in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, N. Carolina...

9/1/2003: Conference USA: colleges soccer

9/1/2003: Media: USATODAY: soccer pages

9/1/2003: Media: Dallas Morning News: Soccer pages

9/1/2003: Sam's Army: Unofficial supporters club for U.S national team

8/5/2003: Media: Radio Unica Deportes

8/5/2003: One Sport (New Zealand) - News

8/5/2003: Southlakes's Saint: soccer club for youht 10/19

8/5/2003: Pan American Games Santo Domingo

7/20/2003: MAGAZINES: Soccer America. All about american soccer

7/20/2003: Women's United Soccer Association

7/20/2003: United State Youth Soccer Association

7/20/2003: MAGAZINE - Argentina: Futbol Pasion

7/20/2003: Coach - Argentina: Futbol rendimiento